January 28, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday, Bloggie!

I've been busy lately. Too busy. Until I missed one important day.

My blog's birthday.

It was 10 days ago. How sad. I am one forgetful old lady.

By the way, happy belated birthday, my dear bloggie.

I will always write in here.

Never gonna stop.


January 25, 2011

Tuesday Morning Blues

Salam ukhuwwah fillah...

It has been three weeks since I started working here. And oh! It was centuries ago since I last wrote in here. Huhuh...

I am now an intern at Astro Awani. No, I don't read news. I write the news, but mostly I do research on the current issues. I will not appear on TV unless I'll be the media representative for the shows. Or maybe I might be seen walking around the office or just sitting at my desk when they have a crossover for the 8.00pm news. But I'm no celebrity, like my mum thought I would be.

Living on your own (literally on your OWN) is not easy. I live with strangers (who turn out to be really friendly, except for my room mate). I take public transport everyday and got home again past 11 o'clock (often), especially on the days with late night meetings. I walk all the way, maybe 4 km back and fro every single day. The journey to work is always tiring but it won't break my spirit just like that. I'm strong remember...? LOL.

At the work place, I have super nice colleagues. All the people here are extremely nice too. I am working together with Suhaimi Sulaiman (oh man, I adore him since long ago. He's always confident and brilliant and cool about everything.) Everybody at the newsdesk - of which I could only see then on TV before, I can now meet them everyday - what are you thinking? I work with them! And guess what, I get to meet Cerenna, my old friend from primary school. She's gorgeous now. I could still remember his boyish hair when we were in Standard 3.

Basically I'm in the non-bulletin/hybrid division. I deal with the current issues - things I don't give a damn about before - especially politics. But since the first day I was here, it all has changed rapidly and it gives me a whole new perspective. No work comes without a challenge. So is mine. I work hard for every task given. I don't wanna do it the easy way. I need to have a good impression. Fuhh... berdedikasi kan? Wiwiwii...

My life? I like it more than ever. I like being busy. It takes me away from being emotional - you know, I get hurt and upset easily. I don't know what was really happening but something that a friend did made me feel like a fool. I understand things don't go as planned all the time, but just tell me the real thing, I won't get mad. Maybe I am not that important. You can go around and cancel it though you knew I was jumping like a happy bean when I was told that you'll come. But you didn't. And later, I come to know the truth. A day out with me sounds no fun. But lepak-ing til late? Now that sounds like real fun huh. I don't feel right but I don't care. I understand I always come third... maybe fourth... or the last. Coz I'm the least important, right?

Sometimes, people just don't get me, they don't understand the way I feel about things . You think I'm emo? Hell no... I am a happy person. Even if I'm unhappy, I try my best to look like I'm the happiest person on earth. Hypocrite, if that's what you call it. But I prefer not to put someone down by just looking at my frown face.

I'm a loner. I live and deal with my problems all by myself. I write when I'm hurt, coz I got nobody to share things that made me feel bad. So, just ignore what I am blabbering right now. Just, don't worry about me. I still care and love all my friends.

I know I'm gonna be fine here. It's not gonna be long, I'll be gone by April. So, I think I will enjoy my time being here.

Watch me on Awani, berita segenap dimensi. LOL. *tagline di situ..


January 8, 2011

Hey Ho...! Let's Go...!

There's no easy way to live through life.

Troubles double the pressure.

One after another it comes, but I still stand tall.

For I believe, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I am never too good a person, so are you.

Let us learn the hard way, together.

Experience is the best teacher.

Let time be the judge and we'll see where this can lead us to.

So, how hard can it be to pull me down?

Be it, I'm a loner.

I am sick, but I am not dying.

Come what may.

I am not giving up.

I am a strong person.

Thank you, Lord.

You are always there beside me.

And thanks to you for reminding me that.

Love you.

You know it.

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