March 29, 2011

Love Yourself

I used to think that...

  • I don't look good enough.

  • I am not a smart girl.

  • I am not famous.

  • I don't have many friends..

  • I am not an important person.


But since I met you, I see more of me.

Now, I'm happy because I've someone telling me that...

  • I'm beautiful.

  • I'm smart.

  • I have more self confidence.

  • I'm not invisible.

  • I am loved by the people around me.

  • I have the sweetest voice when I sing.

  • I AM UNIQUE, in my own way.

I am happy being me today. I would never wanna look back and make myself sad. (NZSARNO, 2011)

So, if you used to feel the way I felt before, PLEASE, STOP FEELING THAT WAY. Smile, and be proud of yourself. LOVE YOURSELF before you love others. =)

I always adore Adibah Noor. Well, I like Yuna too.
Here, watch them doing the coolest stunts no one have ever seen any girl does. Woohoo!

March 26, 2011

Come and Join Me!

I am now a community of

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March 22, 2011

Smile, and Make Others Smile Too

Salam ukhuwwah fillah...

It rained heavily last night, it was not so sunny this morning. I love this kind of weather - cold and gloomy. I took the LRT to work. It wasn't crowded as usual. I glanced at my watch, I was early today. No wonder.

So, I walked out of the station and paced towards the office. When I crossed the road, I saw something that touched me deep in the heart. There was an Indian pakcik with amputated legs struggling to move on a wheelchair - all by himself.

Oh, he sure as hell didn't look like this.

... but pretty much like this. Lebih kurang lah.

So, this pakcik was struggling his way to the temple - I was just guessing because many Indians pray there - they would take off their shoes, light a fire on the coconut and then break it, some would wear sindoor (the read mark on the forehead) too. I always enjoy the view while walking to the office everyday.

It rained yesterday so there were potholes on the road - and that pakcik was moving with his wheelchair through them all. I was thinking, where's his sons and daughters? Why is he alone? Without hesitating, I approached him and asked if he needed my help. He said thanks. I know it's going to be hard for him because the way to the temple is hilly and steep, and the road was busy too. So I pushed him slowly up the hill on his wheelchair.

We had a lil conversation. I asked him where he's from. He said he came all the way from Shah Alam to go to the temple. It's a good temple and every Indian goes here. I nodded. When we reached the temple, he thanked me and I waved him goodbye. I turned back and saw him putting his hands together with his eyes closed - he started praying.

I was amazed of his determination. He must be a religious Hindu, all he wanted to do is to go to the temple, no matter what. I thought to myself, he has no legs and is wheelchair bound, yet he still made his way this far just to pray to God. I have legs and hands and strength and I'm a pro when it comes to using public transportation, but I still complain on how far I have to travel to go to the hospital for check ups. Ya Allah...

I hope he got his blessings today - and throughout his life. And I hope he'll manage to make his way back to Shah Alam safely. Aminn...

March 21, 2011

It Is Supposed to be A Tima-kasih List

It's A New Record!

..... 142 birthday wishes...

..... 827 hugs...

..... 577 kisses...

..... 1,478 presents...

... and lots and lots and lots of love...!

Thanks, everybody...

... and happy birthday, me ...


March 10, 2011

On Hiatus

I have not been to work for two days and it's going to be three including tomorrow. I got appointments to go to, doctors to consult with and a lot of pills to swallow.

No worries.

I'm not sick.

Just a little unwell.

I'll be fine.

Do pray for me, okay.


I'll write again.



March 5, 2011


Khalil Gibran cakap, "Sahabat adalah keperluan jiwa yang mesti dipenuhi.
Dialah ladang hati, yang kau taburi dengan kasih dan kau subur dengan penuh rasa terima kasih. Dan dia pulalah naungan dan pendianganmu. Kerana kau menghampirinya saat hati lupa dan mencarinya saat jiwa memerlukan kedamaian."

Aku tak kata beliau salah. Tapi aku suka nak menambah, "Sahabat itu paling ramai kala kau tidak memerlukan (waktu suka) dan paling sedikit, malah hampir tidak ada kala kau paling memerlukan (waktu duka). Dan sahabat yang paling baik itu adalah diri kau sendiri, jika kau kenal siapa diri kau dan kau mencintai diri kau sepenuhnya."

Nak tambah lagi (ehh...banyak pulak. LOL), "Memiliki sahabat yang paling baik itu bukanlah mencari persamaan, tetapi menerima perbezaan yang dia miliki."

Accept the differences. Never look for the things you share in common.
Itu nonsense.

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