March 29, 2011

Love Yourself

I used to think that...

  • I don't look good enough.

  • I am not a smart girl.

  • I am not famous.

  • I don't have many friends..

  • I am not an important person.


But since I met you, I see more of me.

Now, I'm happy because I've someone telling me that...

  • I'm beautiful.

  • I'm smart.

  • I have more self confidence.

  • I'm not invisible.

  • I am loved by the people around me.

  • I have the sweetest voice when I sing.

  • I AM UNIQUE, in my own way.

I am happy being me today. I would never wanna look back and make myself sad. (NZSARNO, 2011)

So, if you used to feel the way I felt before, PLEASE, STOP FEELING THAT WAY. Smile, and be proud of yourself. LOVE YOURSELF before you love others. =)

I always adore Adibah Noor. Well, I like Yuna too.
Here, watch them doing the coolest stunts no one have ever seen any girl does. Woohoo!


reez said...

u do have the sweetest voice...
the sweetest rendition of my all by zara!

who say u dhun have lotsa frens?...u do n we all love u ....every each and single one of ur characters zara...good u're feeling better now....

maPieCeoFarT said...

aww... TQ reez... i still remember we sang 'i want to spend my life time loving you' in pak bambang's room... that time was when we were busy with our kain rentang kan? hehe... those days are always remembered... =)

the 'i-used-to' things were way before i met you people, the upper east siders... i feel grateful to have friends like them... and you!

thanks, love! hugs! ♥

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