June 30, 2010

Anak Cik Maimon...??

Salam ukhuwwah fillah...

Yes, the title said it all... well, have you ever listen to a song and find the lyrics contain your name? I did...! I was in the car riding home from Penang. My mum, my sister, her hubby and lil baby Adif were there in the car too. As usual, with them in the car I wouldn't get to tune in to Fly FM, Hitz or at least Hot FM. My mum was on control and it was for sure her favourite oldies radio station. Suddenly, I heard my name in one of the songs. It stated my name in full, seriously hilarious and I spontaneously burst out laughing. My mum laughed too. Except for one thing; my mum's name is not Cik Maimon.

I searched for the song and here it is. Haha!

Oh Ibu! Tolong Lamarkan by Othman Hamzah

He's the same guy who sang the song Gadis Melayu (of which was sung by Jamal Abdillah in a new version).

There are so many girl's name in a song. I took some effort to make a list. And here they are :

1) Sephia - Sheila on 7
2) Anna Molly - Incubus
3) Cassie - Flyleaf
4) Jenny - The Click Five
5) Oh, Carol - Neil Sedaka
6) Kamelia - Sweet Charity
7) Juwita - M.Nasir
8) Jesnita - Exists
9) Billie Jean - MJ

...and the list goes on. From the list, we can see that Malay songs are likely to have a girl's name for the title. But there are not quite a number of songs with a guy's name, right? Nobody ever wanna put Karim anak Pak Maun or Malcolm oh Malcolm for a song title (example), is it? At least in the lyrics, if not for the title... Can you name a few?

Well, I just found one for you John! The song was performed by Arctic Monkeys. I linked it on your page, dude... But just in case if you wanna see it again, here's the song... Put your dukes up John!

Arctic Monkeys - Put Your Dukes Up John .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine

Okay, I think I'm not really well today. I guess I just feel honored to have my name in the song. But even so, my mum thinks I'm going nuts because I've been singing the lines all day. Woohhoo...!

(apsal entah rasa excited sangat dengan lagu ni... haha!)

" Kuingat Namanya Zahara
Kata Tetangga Ia Rajin Di Dapur
Ibu Takkan Bersusah Punya Menantu Zahara
Gadisnya Rajin Berumah Tangga

ku Harap Ibu Segera Lamarkan
Pada Zahara Anak Cik Maimon
Walau Ia Tak Pandai Berdandan
Asal Saja Pandai Di dapur "

Yeah... I know I'm a bad cook... but at least the song says I'm not...


June 29, 2010


Kamu datang
macam Slurpee
warna hijau
sejuk segar
di tengah hari panas
waktu aku
duduk menangis
seorang diri
pegang bunga
mawar plastik tipu.

Kamu datang
macam Slurpee
warna biru
bila aku
duduk termanggu
depan 7-Eleven
tatkala itu
Slurpee hijau
tiada dijual.

(Slurpee biru pun okey juga)

Slurpee itu.

Terima kasih ya, kamu.


*yep, i LOVE Slurpee...! Wee....

June 21, 2010

Not Forgetting You: The Cats and Abah

Salam ukhuwwah fillah...

Time moves so fast, sometimes I couldn't catch up with everything that changes around me. How life changes. And so am I.

I don't mean that I've changed into someone different. I'm still me, the same old me you knew for almost 20 years ago. So, whoever tells you that I'm no longer me, I'm gonna chop their heads off. Seriously.

That's not what I'm gonna write about. As usual, I just couldn't make myself speak direct/straight-forwardly about anything. I'm sad, a little. We (my family and I) had been talking about this for so many times. For somewhat seems like centuries, we love pets and keep them like the extra members of the family. I couldn't name out the cats (those dead cats and the ones we're still keeping) 'cause there are just TOO many of them.

For now, we have six cats - Bubulala the mother and the kittens, Bubu Doll, Bubu Tamtam, Bubu Chung, Bubu Nome and Bubu Lang. But the number is growing (to ten, probably) because Bubu is once again pregnant. For that reason, my mum said, that's it. We have to put them away. We love them, it's true, but it turns to troubles to look after them - and feed them, and bathe them, and clean their wastes. Not to mention hygiene (is that how it spells?) and health issue. Now we have little baby Adif with us, it is no longer a good thing to let them scatter around.

We tried to do the best we could. We still care for them. My mum was calling almost everyone she knows and asked if they want to adopt the kittens. Bubulala is the least wanted 'cause she's pregnant and will produce hundreds of kittens in times to come - she is a productive mother. After all the tries, my mum managed to get one of her friends who wanted to have three of the kittens. The rest she doesn't want, we'd have to put away as well. If only there's a place like SPCA around Taiping, we wouldn't have to do it.

As we expected, nobody wants Bubulala the mother cat. So, we decided to throw her away first. And so just now, me and Mama (with our strong hearts) drove her in the car to a market far away from home and left her there. It's the saddest thing to do, but we really had to. I asked my mum if we should take off the collar with bells tingling on Bubu's neck. My mum refused, she said she didn't want anything that would remind us of Bubu, not a single memory of Bubu. And so my mum put a fish and some Friskies for her to eat so she wouldn't be hungry until tomorrow and find her own food for the next meal. I cried silently. Tears rolling down my cheeks. I hugged Bubu so tight before letting go. The last time I cried so hard was when Coeng died and Abah past away.

We drove away but Mama stopped the car by the roadside a few seconds later. We sat there, dumbfounded but when Mama burst into tears, I hugged her. (how stupid, I was crying so terribly and at the same time I asked Mama to stop crying). It was so sad.

When she felt better, we drove home. We passed the spot where Mama left Bubulala once again, and there she stood glancing around in curiosity.

Bye bye Bubulala, I still have my thumb drive named after you. Gonna miss you... =(

Bubulala when she was little and first came to our home

I took the last pic of her before taking her into the car =(

Today is Father's Day...! I'm happy to read all the wishes my friends wrote on Fb. But I couldn't be happier if I can do the same thing and wish Abah. I still remember when I was 15, I need to complete and essay for an English homework. It was Father's Day and we were asked to write for our dear fathers. As I mentioned before, Abah wasn't so close to me back then and I didn't know how to do it. Finally, I chose to write a letter for the essay and was keeping it away from Abah so he would not read it. In the essay, i wrote those things I wished I'd have the guts to say to Abah. It was one touching letter and I still keep it in my Form 3 English Essay book until today. Whenever I read that essay again, I will surely cry to myself.

I still miss you, Bah. And I'm not going to forget you. This is one of (a few) pictures I have of Abah. We don't take much photos those days. And I regret it.

Miss you more than ever... Happy Father's Day, Bah...

June 14, 2010

All Mixed Up

Salam ukhuwwah fillah...

Just now it's Rocket by Yuna, now it's Certain Shade of Green by Incubus. How the songs are changing, how my emotions are all messing up in my head... that's how things are happening in my life... Yea right, it's now Take A Bow by Muse...

Good things first... Results were out, and I got the grades I deserve. Alhamdulillah... *wink!

I've been limited to the net during this break. (ini pun belas ehsan abang pinjamkan Broadband). So, once in a while I still get to update my blog, Facebook and stuff. I'm still figuring out how do I get my application for PIDN JPA Scholarship done. It says on the web it is done online (fill-in-the-form) but a friend told me he downloaded the form, filled it up by hand and posted it. So, I'm all confused. I'll find some time to call them directly, there's not much time before the closing date. Maybe I'll give them a call tomorrow.

But tomorrow I'm afraid I wouldn't have any time. Early in the morning, I have an appointment with the doctor. Yay... here's the bad news. Hell no, I wasn't diagnosed with lung or liver cancer like some people claim they were (hoho you know who you are, bast*rd...). No, I wasn't. It's just that the doctor told me that I have gall bladder (is this how I spell it?) And it is now chronic. I don't know how bad it is getting. I've been reading the articles from the internet about the symptoms (yes, I have all of them), the treatments (though I'm not sure I'm still able to cure it without having an operation) and more stuff about it.

I was working part time for this time of break. It's boring to stay home. But on the fourth day, I had to quit 'cause I had a terrible stomach pain. It was slight pain at first so I ignored it assuming it was my usual gastric. But it wasn't gastric. I went to the doctor, got a few injections and he got me scanned the next day. I've developed gallstones in my gallbladder - batu dalam hempedu. Many people have this disease but mostly it can become serious when you are 40+. But Lord, I'm just 20+... (and according to plot flow, the music's now changing to Neuron Star Collision by Muse.)

I need a surgery - cholecystectomy - gallbladder removal, he said, as soon as possible. My Lord, I'm too young to have my gallbladder removed. I was pretty scared and still am. I don't know when will it be, tomorrow's gotta decide. Mama told me it will not hurt that much. It's not that I'm gonna die or anything... but, that doesn't help me feel any better either.

Everybody's sick at the moment. My sisters aren't well, my cat, EVERYBODY... but in my case, it causes me to worry more. I am worried.

People, pray for me. I always want to be in the pink of health. I pray to God. Insya Allah...

(and the final song is Stay Beautiful by Taylor Swift... I hope things will end this way too...)


June 12, 2010

What D'ya Think of The Songs?

Salam ukhuwwah fillah...

Dah dengar my latest list of tracks? Check it on the right side bar.

So, do you like my music taste?

Tell me about it...


June 7, 2010

Lagenda Budak Setan: Bukan Sebuah Reviu

Salam ukhuwwah fillah...

Dengan semangat waja, 3 Jun lalu aku pun beriya-iya drive sorang-2 pergi ke panggung semata-mata nak pergi menonton. Dalam kepala aku ada tiga movie yang aku plan nak tengok; Shrek, Prince of Persia (POP) dan Lagenda Budak Setan (LBS) - plan yang terakhir ni masuk jugak-la dalam list sebab kebetulan memang tarikh filem-nya keluar hari tu. Bila dah di depan kaunter, aku garu kepala nak tengok yang mana satu. Ikutkan hati memang nak marathon tengok tiga sekali (betapa tinggi cita-2) tapi bila tengok jam, dah 4.40pm. Tension sekejap kakak kaunter tu tunggu aku nak beli tiket ke tidak. POP dah terlepas 10 minit, bermakna terpaksa-la aku membatalkan niat dan akhirnya aku pilih LBS. Shrek dah ke mana, sebab masa tak mengizinkan. Kalau balik lewat, melanggar waktu curfew pulak - padahal tak ada ditetapkan pun kena balik pukul berapa (nota: emak saya cool) saja nak jadi budak baik, lagipun tak elok keluar seorang balik sampai malam. Haishh...

Justeru, let us talk about the movie. It wasn't my favourite of all time obviously, worth it for a one-time watch jela. Nak ajak aku tengok movie ni lagi sekali? Err... terima kasih aja-lah ye? (kejam... kejam...) Aku paling eager nak menonton LBS masa first time tengok trailer-nya. The look of the film on first impression ada sikit macam touch Kabir Bhatia, tapi filem Kabir lagi cantik kut... sinematografi yang memang cantik dan aku dah tertangkap pun dengan lagu runut bunyi-nya (Bila Cinta - Fili) yang mendayu habis. My earliest assumption, sah cerita cinta jiwang karat dan aku tau dah sikit-2 pasal cerita ni walaupun tak pernah baca novelnya. Kawan-2 yang dah pernah baca semua kata tak sabar nak tengok filem ni sebab cerita dalam novelnya tersangat-lah best. (okay, aku exaggerate sikit-la di situ...)

Masuk ke panggung, seats tak berapa penuh pun. Di sebelah aku ada sepasang kekasih, aku paling sekali je dan nampak diorang bercintan-cintun. Lantak-la. Bermula penontonan, 10 minit pertama dah mula rasa drama. Aku tertunggu-2 macam mana agaknya rupa perangai setan si Kasyah (Farid Kamil) itu. On my first thought aku kata "Oo... Kasyah ni samseng jambu sial...", tapi aku tak cakap dalam hati rupanya, sebab aku cakap dengan agak kuat tanpa sedar. Mujur tak ada orang dengar. Mana tidak-nya, dari mula sampai habis, aku naik jealous tengok bibir Kasyah pink basah dan glossy ala-2 kissable-lah konon, lagi cun mengalahkan bibir Katerina (Fazura).... tak nampak setan langsung. Rambut corn-rows? Okay-lah kut.

Aku tak ada masalah dengan lakonan. Overall, the acting was satisfactory. Kate paling superb. Aku suka dia (clap! clap!). Watak Ayu (Lisa Surihani) berkesan aku kira. Cuma ke-setan-an Kasyah saja tak berapa setan-la aku kata. Letak cicak dalam Coke... bergaduh di padang bola... kurang ajar dengan Naib Canselor (cool gila NC kolej siap turun padang hantar sendiri surat warning by hand....). Cukup sampai situ saja. Selebihnya, ke-setan-an Kasyah di-describe saja oleh Sofi (Nubhan) yang ada menyebut ke-setan-an Kasyah and the gang sampai dah pernah menyebabkan ada lecturer mereka (ke cikgu entah?) sampai MC sebulan, masuk hospital seminggu... bla bla bla... aku nak tengok dengan lebih lanjut samseng yang dikatakan tu, bukan dengan cerita cakap je, tak legend langsung siot. Tajuk pun Lagenda Budak Setan, kisah kat kolej pun seciput je, mana celah entah setan tu. Mungkin lagi sesuai tukar tajuk filem ni Lagenda Cinta Budak Jambu.

Sejam berlalu. Aku dah muak pula dengar lagu Bila Cinta tu diulang untuk ke-berapa ratus kali. Layan je walau aku sedar tak sabarnya rasa nak tunggu filem ni habis. Aku jarang ke panggung menonton filem Melayu tapi kali ni aku support, pulangan-nya tak se-puas mana. Sekali lagi, I wish I had read the novel first, baru tengok filem. Sebab bila dah tengok filem dia dulu, dah jadi tawar hati pulak nak membaca novel-nya. Apa-pun, here are my points for LBS :

1) Perkara pertama (haha...aku suka nak cakap ouh) bibir Kasyah pink and glossy... auww! Tak tergoda pun, merosakkan imej seorang budak setan. Tak macam setan langsung.

2) Plot disumbat-2. Aku rasa tiga fasa hidup Kasyah dan kisah cintanya; zaman kanak-kanak, walau sedutan je al-kisah Kasyah tercium kawan perempuannya dalam hujan lalu kena cili oleh emaknya di 'tutt... ' beliau - how romantic and... ouch...), zaman remaja di kolej al-kisah bertemu Ayu dan zaman dewasa al-kisah Kasyah sudah berkerjaya dan akhirnya berkahwin (yang ini pun patutnya boleh dipecah tiga atau beberapa - Kasyah selesai belajar, dapat kerja, bertemu Ayu semula, bertemu Amelia, tahu cerita sebenar Ayu accident dan menjalani plastic surgery, kembali bertemu Ayu versi Amelia, bertemu Kate (Fazura), Ayu amnesia kerana dibelasah Azmi, kahwin dengan Ayu, dapat anak tapi Ayu meninggal dunia masa bersalin... O my God... third act filem ni saja dah boleh buat lagi lima filem...! Like I said, plot terkejar-2 dan disumbat semuanya dalam sepertiga yang akhir. Mampus!

3) Khidmat pemuzik Indonesia Windra Beyamin dan Gio (yang turut menyanyikan lagu Bila Cinta versi lelaki) wajar diberi pujian. Indah sungguh bila didengar dalam trailer, tapi kerana kekuatan lagu ini seorang (err...seorang?) yang digunakan untuk mengangkat emosi dalam penceritaan, lalu ia diulang terlalu berkali-kali. Bosan.

4) Kelogikan cerita juga banyak kali menimbulkan persoalan. Masa Ayu dan Kasyah berpisah, masing-2 tak ada nak bertukar email ke, nombor telefon ke? Oh, latar tahun cerita ni mengikut novel (80'an kalau tak silap), students tak pakai handphone lagi (adoi...) handphone botol air mungkin dah ada time ni. Oh c'mon... kalau filem dibikin zaman itu pun, rasanya tak wajar mereka langsung tak berhubung waima melalui surat pun. Kasyah bukannya pergi Papua New Guinea, pedalaman tu masih dalam Malaysia lagi kan.

5) Aku hairan seorang perempuan seberani Ayu kenapa-lah langsung tak teringin nak report polis tentang tindakan ganas Azmi (Que Haidar) tu? Dah boleh dakwa dia, bawa ke mahkamah, habis cerita. Kata bijak... tapi sanggup pulak tahan je tak buat apa-2 walau kena dera teruk dengan suami sendiri. Sama juga dengan emaknya (Sheila Mambo) yang hot meletop dan kembali bergaya dengan sihat walafiat lepas nazak nak mati sakit jantung. Fuh... cayalah...

6) Sinematografi... uhh begini...! Sangat cantik. Bila aku kata cantik, maknanya aku suka-la (weee...!). Paling suka masa Kasyah tinggal di kampung tu. Pantainya, tasiknya (aku nak sangat naik sampan tu!), air terjunnya... aku rasa nak menangis tengok keindahan lanskap dengan camera angle yang tepat, memang boleh jual tempat tu kalau ramai orang tahu kat mana. Lain-la kisahnya dengan couple yang duduk sebelah seat aku tu, awek dia menangis entah apa-2 punya part yang tak payah sedih pun. Last sekali tu mungkin-la, sebab Ayu mati kan... tapi memang tak boleh blah sebab si pakwe-nya sanggup tunggu awek habis bersedu sedan sampai selesai ending credit... aku memang akan tunggu sorang-2 dalam panggung sebab aku wajib baca nama semua krew sampai skrin padam. Tapi lain pulak ceritanya dengan couple tu. Adoi....la rakyat Malaysia. Pfft...

7) Sharad Sharan memang klasik. Filem yang dia garap dari novel ikut style dia memang betul jadi touch dia - cerita cinta hindustan atau dalam bahasa kasar-nya, k****g style (walau ada orang kata Sharad terlampau terikat dengan penceritaan mengikut bab dalam novel? hurm....) Paling best, comel je bila ada naik di skrin "Setahun kemudian...", "Berakhirnya bahagian satu..." etc... lebih kurang-la, aku tak ingat exactly perkataan yang diguna. Tapi bila dia tulis berakhirnya bahagian satu tu, aku kata "oh no! Ada bahagian dua la lepas ni?" Mati-lah kalau cerita dengan gaya sama juga yang keluar nanti. Tapi jangkaan umum, sekuel filem ni tentu tentang Katerina. If it's still Fazura, I bet it will be a hit. (Nota: Aku tak minat Fazura, aku suka lakonan dia.)

Kalau sesiapa yang belum tengok LBS tapi dah baca tulisan aku ni, tolong jangan terpengaruh. Ini apa yang aku rasa, pendapat aku saja. Setiap orang ada pandangan berbeza so, go and see it for yourself. Jangan dengar cakap orang je. And I believe there's no such thing of wasting your RM10 to watch a bad film just because it is bad. Jangan hukum filem dan kata rugi beli tiket. Beli tiket tak rugi, buruk pun filem tu, at least kita dah tengok dan nilai sendiri. Itu yang paling bernilai dari apa pun. Agree?


Nota semak: I just got my playlist updated... do check out the songs... XD
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