June 30, 2010

Anak Cik Maimon...??

Salam ukhuwwah fillah...

Yes, the title said it all... well, have you ever listen to a song and find the lyrics contain your name? I did...! I was in the car riding home from Penang. My mum, my sister, her hubby and lil baby Adif were there in the car too. As usual, with them in the car I wouldn't get to tune in to Fly FM, Hitz or at least Hot FM. My mum was on control and it was for sure her favourite oldies radio station. Suddenly, I heard my name in one of the songs. It stated my name in full, seriously hilarious and I spontaneously burst out laughing. My mum laughed too. Except for one thing; my mum's name is not Cik Maimon.

I searched for the song and here it is. Haha!

Oh Ibu! Tolong Lamarkan by Othman Hamzah

He's the same guy who sang the song Gadis Melayu (of which was sung by Jamal Abdillah in a new version).

There are so many girl's name in a song. I took some effort to make a list. And here they are :

1) Sephia - Sheila on 7
2) Anna Molly - Incubus
3) Cassie - Flyleaf
4) Jenny - The Click Five
5) Oh, Carol - Neil Sedaka
6) Kamelia - Sweet Charity
7) Juwita - M.Nasir
8) Jesnita - Exists
9) Billie Jean - MJ

...and the list goes on. From the list, we can see that Malay songs are likely to have a girl's name for the title. But there are not quite a number of songs with a guy's name, right? Nobody ever wanna put Karim anak Pak Maun or Malcolm oh Malcolm for a song title (example), is it? At least in the lyrics, if not for the title... Can you name a few?

Well, I just found one for you John! The song was performed by Arctic Monkeys. I linked it on your page, dude... But just in case if you wanna see it again, here's the song... Put your dukes up John!

Arctic Monkeys - Put Your Dukes Up John .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine

Okay, I think I'm not really well today. I guess I just feel honored to have my name in the song. But even so, my mum thinks I'm going nuts because I've been singing the lines all day. Woohhoo...!

(apsal entah rasa excited sangat dengan lagu ni... haha!)

" Kuingat Namanya Zahara
Kata Tetangga Ia Rajin Di Dapur
Ibu Takkan Bersusah Punya Menantu Zahara
Gadisnya Rajin Berumah Tangga

ku Harap Ibu Segera Lamarkan
Pada Zahara Anak Cik Maimon
Walau Ia Tak Pandai Berdandan
Asal Saja Pandai Di dapur "

Yeah... I know I'm a bad cook... but at least the song says I'm not...


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