July 29, 2011


Fuhhh... tak sangka ada jugak orang sudi nak Google mencari apa kejadah-nya benda alah "Mapieceofart" ni.



Kepada peng-Google budiman tersebut...

...tima kasihhh...!


July 26, 2011

Of Posting Statuses on Facebook Part II

Salam ukhuwwah fillah...

This time, it's a little bit different from the previous post of the same title. Today, I'm going to share what kind of statuses that are likely to be LOVED by your friends, and what are not.

Have you ever seen a status that says some positive words, that gives you a strong motivation, or a status of somewhat a campaign or awareness shared on Facebook? Or maybe just some beautiful and meaningful quotes on Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, that gives you the urge to share it on your page as well? I do. But not all and not every time. Only those that I think is important and beneficial towards others.

Last night, I wrote my status on Facebook (as shown in the picture). It's just my random thought, not referring to anyone in particular though.

And surprisingly, many friends were liking it, within minutes. Okay, seven aren't a big number but for the not-so-popular me, it is considered MANY.

Earlier this morning, I wrote a sort of no-smoking campaign on my status. Yes, I got it from my friend's profile. It is a social awareness message and I feel responsible to share it with everyone I love (my friends and family). So, I copy-pasted it as my status.

This is the Keep-Smoke-Away message I shared on my status. BUT, as you can see, there is only ONE people liking it, and it is my friend whom I took this message from.

Majority of my friends are smokers. My brother smokes, my neighbor smokes, my colleagues at work smoke, my classmates smoke, and some of my lecturers smoke too. But by posting such status, it doesn't mean that I discriminate them. It's the cigarettes that are harmful, not them. The cigarettes they are consuming are causing them - the people that I love - illnesses. I cannot stop them from the habit. I cannot grab their cigarette boxes and throw them away. It is their rights to smoke, but for others who don't, they have their rights to breathe in clean air too.

Thus, the least I can do is to share the awareness message, so they can read it and think. To like it or to hate it, it is up to you.

Yes, I truly feel bad if some of my friends are hating me because of the status. But I will not remove it just to make them feel better. That is not fair. That is bias. Hopefully, this explains my intention best, because obviously, the comment I added under the status is not understood well enough.

Peace, everyone. =)

July 25, 2011

Hide and Seek



"Okay. I'll count to ten. 1... 2... 3... 4... "

running away

"...5... 6... 7... 8..."


"..9... 10...! Are you hiding now?"


"Haha... hide there til you rot to death. I'm not gonna find you anyway."

(running free and screaming)

"Happy? I'm glad that you are...!"

July 21, 2011

Perfect Song

It's just a song, but it tells all that I feel about 'us'. Forgive me. Maybe that 'us' was a long history. And making it a history, isn't something that I'm proud of.

I've been twisting and turning
In a space that's too small
I've been drawing the line and watching it fall
You've been closing me in
closing the space in my heart
Watching us fading and watching it all fall apart

Well I can't explain why it's not enough
Cause I gave it all to you
And if you leave me now
oh just leave me now
It's the better thing to do
It's time to surrender
It's been to long pretending
Theres no use in trying
When the pieces don't fit anymore
Pieces don't fit here anymore

You pulled me under
If I had to give in
Such a beautiful myth
That's breaking my skin
Well I'll hide all the bruises
I'll hide all the damage that's done
But I show how I'm feeling until all the feeling has gone

Oh don't misunderstand
How I feel
Cause I've tried, yes I've tried
But still I don't know why
No, I don't know why
I dont know why...... why...

* * * THE END * * *

July 19, 2011

Love, Don't Leave Me Tonight

Love, don’t leave me tonight
Please, love, don’t leave me tonight

I need you by my side,
To hold me in your arms,
I’ll try to ignore they are numb.

Love, tomorrow will come,
And you can go your way
Love, and you can end this parade

We fooled ourselves for too long,
We played this game too much times,
We knew it’d never work out,
We hoped love could save us
But what if there’s a new dawn?

Love, tomorrow will come,
And you can go your way
Love, and you can end this parade

We fooled ourselves for too long,
We played this game too much times,
We knew it’d never work out,
We hoped love could save us
But there’s no new dawn...

~ Laura Vall

July 14, 2011

The Last Song

I almost didn't feel you
You were standing there
We were so close
Yet far apart
in the heart...

I almost didn't hear you
because all the laugh we shared
were left to rot
And the tears we shed
were all history left unspoken

I almost didn't see it
that it was the last song
that we sang together

And indeed
Forgiveness is not an option
Friendship is a tale

It was the saddest end
without us waving hands
without us saying goodbye....

July 10, 2011


Yang bersuara, lontarkan...
Yang diam, simpankan...

Yang benci, teruskan...
Yang suka, sokongkan...

Yang betul, tegakkan...
Yang salah, tegurkan...

Yang kelam, terangkan...
Yang terang, jelaskan...


Jangan yang sambung, diputuskan...
Jangan yang ada, ditiadakan...

Jangan yang sayang, dijauhkan...
Jangan yang benci, didekatkan...

Jangan yang budi, dilupakan...
Jangan yang luka, dikenangkan...

Jangan yang hebah, didiamkan...
Jangan yang kawan, diakhirkan...


Hati tak benci
Tapi kalau dah dibenci
Hilangkan, sorokkan
Putus sahabat, putus kawan
Bukan pilihan

Yang Maha Tahu
Hanya Tuhan...

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