May 31, 2011

Of Posting Statuses on Facebook

Contoh status A:
"I am so glad today! Weee~ XD"

Contoh komen B:
"Wah...apa yg happy sangat tu? =)"

Contoh jawapan A:
"Hehe...xde apa-apa lah. Ngee~"

Contoh jawapan B:
"Yeah... whatever... #_# "

Maybe NOT MANY people know how to post statuses correctly when you are on Facebook. It is a place to share, to discuss, to tell the world, to let people know things you do, or more or less, to seek attention (by posting such statuses, people would want to ask you about it, right? THAT is what I call seeking attention.)

It's not a wrong thing to do, though. Sharing is caring. There is nothing wrong with sharing your feelings or your excitement about something with everybody. And it is a total freedom for you to post anything you like as long as you don't make people go "WTF. Motifff nak post status camtu bagi orang tertanya-tanya, and now you are being secretive. WTF man, WTF!"

So, the moral of the story is.... you know. Yeah.

If you don't want to share, don't post anything about it. Simple!

*The example (of status) shown above is only fictional. It is not referring to anybody in particular. Cheers~

Bodoh Poyo gila. Baik jgn post status kalau setakat nak tulis camtu!


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