May 7, 2011

Mari Mengemas #2

In my previous post that I wrote in November last year, I had this same feeling - full of memory of the old times - when I find those memorable stuff from the old stack of boxes in my sister's store room.

Old notes.

Old (jiwang) poems.

Old pictures.

Kenangan lama.

Kawan-kawan lama.




Kisah cinta lama... (ok, yang ini poyo sikit)

I'm the kind of person who love to keep the unneeded stuff - piece of notes, scribbles, receipts, even chocolate wraps - that remind me of any important events/incidents. So, that explains the content of my old boxes - they're mostly junks, things that you would probably call RUBBISH.

Out of all the rubbish that I kept, I found a small notebook containing quotes of love (baca: saya memang terlebih rajin menyalin balik SMS dari phone). I remember, those were the SMSes I got from a person. He's not someone that I call my sweetheart, but I used to think of him as a good friend, someone special and someone whose name I hoped would appear on my phone screen every single day.

Well, long story short. We never even met each other or went out like people would do on a date, There were just phone calls, SMS, voice mails (oh, I did sing to him. Feeling-feeling suara sedap kasi dia dengar dan termimpi-mimpi. Haha~). I don't even know him for real, but we were kinda close. Entahlah nak label-kan relationship masa tu sebagai apa. All I remember, I kept this special feeling for him but he didn't seem to make a move. Tapi sayang tu ada. Pelik, I'd rather label us 'scandal' than a couple. Tak declare pun. Hampeh sikit beliau ni. Suddenly, things became so lame, I got bored, we ended up with me being mad, he backed off and... that was it.

So, here's a series of sweet SMSes he sent me. I'm about to throw this stupid piece of note away, but before I do, this is the best way I could think of to 'preserve' the memory yang konon sweet. I know he didn't write all the messages, he got them from a friend and forwarded them to me (tak tahu-lah pulak kalau betul-betul dia create ayat sendiri. Kudos to him then). But considering his effort to send them to me, so okay-lah. SMS ni semua kira sweet la kot.

SMS 1:
We meet after a long time and we talk at 12.00 am in your room with lights off and no one at home. Then your phone rings downstairs. I ask you to come back after the call and you promise me. The person on the phone tells you that I died last night. Would you come back to your room as promised?

Komen: He meant it to scare me, tapi entah apa yang seramnya. Attempt failed. LOL.

SMS 2:
Love seeketh not itself to please, nor for itself to hath any care, but for another to give its ease and builds a heaven in hell's despair.

Komen: He wasn't even sure what exactly the message meant but he did send it to me anyways.

SMS 3:
Love is the fairest flower that blooms in God's garden. Feel love in whatever you do and you will get the pleasure in everything you do.

Komen: It sounds a lil wrong with the rhyme but yeah, whatever.

SMS 4:
I've got sunshine on a cloudy day. I've got you, babe. What you do and what you make, it makes my day. Morning, heart. May your day be brighter and sparkling like the sun today.

Komen: It's a line from a song. Ngeh. And as far as I'm concerned, the sun doesn't sparkle, a star does.

SMS 5:
As the dark goes by, the bright comes and say 'good day', a new episode has started. Let's enjoy the sunshine for today and make your day wonderful than yesterday...

Komen: L.A.M.E...

SMS 6:
There are a million stars in the sky above. They represent me accompanying you at night. Wish you to sleep tight. Good night, dearie...

Komen: Okey saje.

SMS 7:
Without a friend's love, days are sad-day, moan-day, tears-day, waste-day, thirst-day, fight-day, shatter-day. So, be in love everyday with a friend!

Komen: When I got this SMS, I thought he was about to tell me something else. Ye-lah, be in love with a friend? What would that suppose to mean kan? Cakap 'appreciate your friend' sudeh. Hehh~

SMS 8:
In the silence, you will hear a sweet melody of wind blowing up your night. In the dark, you will see a bright sparkling star shining up your dream. In your inbox, you will read the cutest person's message wishing you good night and praying for you to have a sweet dream...

Komen: CUTEST katenye! Hurm... yelah yelah. Agak sweet la yang ni, siap tolong berdoa dapat mimpi indah... huhu...

SMS 9:
Friendship is like an onion. It has many layers in it and it will add taste to your life. But, if you try to cut it, you will have tears in your eyes. Friends forever.

Komen: Ok, sweet. Tapi suddenly tukar mode 'friendship forever' pulak. Sangat confuse.

SMS 10:
Like the ocean and the shore, always be together.
Like the stars at night, always be there together.
Like me remembering you, always and forever.
Good night, sweetie.

Komen: Macam ayat direct translation sikit tapi considered okey-lah. sebab ada tulis sweetie kat situ. One of nama-nama cute he used to call me, besides muchukk. Yeah yeah, I know (euww euwww)

SMS 11:
Let me be your angel for tonight. I will take you to the neverland, so that you can dream and dream and dream never end.
Let me be your angel for tonight. I will make sure you will have a good night and sleep tight til the night end.

Komen: Might not be approved as a nicely rhymed poem, but wth. LOL.

There were loads more he sent me, and I still keep it in my old phone. Apahal entah, lupa nak delete agaknya. Biar-lah, maybe 10 years from now I would look back at these SMSes and they would be the best laughing stock ever.

And since then, I have no one SMS-ing me good morning and good night, asking me what I'm doing like in every minute of everyday. Tak bercinta tapi masa tu memang rasa happy sebab ada orang ingat kita selalu dan ambil berat.

Cuma... he didn't have the guts to ask me out.

Foto curi dari tumblr Cik Lynn

Yeah, I'm single and I'm happy.

Announcement promosi tak boleh blah:
Saya nak yang stok chinese look je. Tinggi, smart and funny. Hensem is optional. Anyone interested? Boleh amik borang dulu, kaunter bukak besok pukul 8.00 pagi.

Thank you.


Maisarah said...

zaraaaaaa u ni those msgs are all sweet u pegi komen2 pulak hmmph!

maPieCeoFarT said...

sweet setakat copy paste / forward msg je buat apa. i create sendiri kot kalau i yg hantar. hehh~ hopeless guy. and did i tell u that i hate guys yg gelak hik hik? he's the one >.<"

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