May 10, 2011

Of Music, Me and Music

I listen to music twenty-four : seven.

4 years ago, people had started using 'nice' phones.

I'm the one left behind, with my old school Nokia.

A black-and-white screen phone...

...which you can use to text and call ONLY.

I love music so much, since forever.

I craved for an MP3 player.

So, I got myself one.

(Nobody bought it for me. I saved my cash for it)

I was happy with that MP3 player.

For almost a year, that MP3 player had been my best friend.

I plugged in to music during lectures.

In the train.

In the bus.

And in bed.

I listen to my favorite songs 'til I fell asleep.

But it fell off my bed one day.

I was in college and sleeping on the higher bunk.

It crashed on the floor.

The screen went blank.

I was so sad.

It was an accident.

Lucky me, my friend bought a new MP3 player for me.

I was happy again.

Today, many years has passed and I still keep it with me.

That very same MP3 player.

Small, thin and silver in colour.


Last year, I finally got myself a new phone...

(I couldn't afford an expensive phone)

...I was overjoyed because I could store as many songs I wanted in it.

I was still not satisfied.

I couldn't 'hear' the music enough.

I felt like stuffing super big speakers in my ears.

So, I bought a headphone.

Now, I live in heaven.

With the drums banging.

With the bass guitar echoing in my head.

Oh, yes.

I enjoy every bit of music I listen to.

But I still love my old MP3 player.


I've been listening to this song all day, today.

It sends me flying high in the blue sky.

You wanna know how that feels?

You can try here.

It might take you up there and you'll know how it really is when you're high.


Oh, by the way, my MP3 player's name was Silver Apple.

And the headphone, her name is Schmug.

And my phone (that makes it all happen)

...the name is Bubulala C3.

I haven't figured out the gender just yet.

It remains unknown.



Maisarah said...

harus lah ada gambar headphone mahal u tewwww hehe :D

maPieCeoFarT said...

yess, wajibb... haha! dan pic juga menunjukkan attempt untuk senyum winning smile ala cik mie ittewww... LOL~

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