May 17, 2011

Kiteretsu: Hajimete No Chuu

Salam ukhuwwah fillah...

I'm not really an anime or any Japanese cartoon fan. But I grew up watching some - I watched Tomato Man (the first and the earliest fave!), Doraemon (well, who doesn't?), Sailormoon (my sister was the real fan, I was just sitting there watching it with her), Cardcaptor Sakura, Slam Dunk, Shin Chan (-_-)", School Rumble, Chibi Maruko Chan, K-On, Ninja Boy, as well as Kiteretsu. Whoa...that was a pretty long list, uh?
(tadi kata tak minat. wekk...)

Oh, Kiteretsu is the most recently added in the list.

I know... I know... Some would say, "Are you kidding me? Kiteretsu???"

I was not much of a fan before, but there was one evening a month ago, I accidentally turned the TV on and there was Kiteretsu showing. I did not pay any attention until the song came up - the ending credit song.

The cute song melody kept playing in my head after a few days. And that was how it started. Since then, I waited for the cartoon on the same time every week, just to listen to the ending credit song. While waiting for the song, again, I accidentally watched the cartoon and I thought to myself, "this is not so bad after all." Yes, I know it imitates the characters in Doraemon but, what the heck, I love the ending credit song!

So, I went Google-ing for the title of the song for days, and it is 'Hajimete No Chuu' (First Kiss). I was like, woww... why do they put a song about first kiss in a cartoon show for kids? But, again, what the heck... I love the song! It is so very cute for all I care!

I Google-d for the lyrics and here it is :

Original / Romaji Lyrics

Nemurenai yoru kimi no sei da yo 
Sakki wakareta bakari nano ni
Mimitabu ga FOR YOU 
Moeteiru FOR YOU 
Yatta yatta yatta yo OHH
*Hajimete no chuu kimi to chuu 
Naze ka yasashii kimochi ga ippai 
Hajimete no chuu kimi to chuu 
Namida ga dechau otoko no kuse ni 
Deeto koosu ha mou kimetanda 
Ashita no yume ga fukurande kuru 
Kono ai wo TO YOU 
Itsumademo TO YOU 
Kitto kitto kitto sa OHH
*      *      *      *      *
English Translation

I can't sleep tonight, this is all your fault 
Even though it was only moments since we said goodbye
My ears are  (for you) 
Burning red  (for you) 
Alright! Oh yeah, I did it! Ohh~
My first kiss was a kiss from you 
I will give you all my love 
Funny enough, I'm so full of these gentle feelings 
My first kiss  was a kiss from you 
I will give you all my love 
Though I'm a guy, my tears are starting to run down 
Be in love with you
I've already set the plans for our date 
My dreams of tomorrow has gotten bigger 
This love (to you) 
Will always be (to you) 
I'm positive! Absolutely! For certain!  Ohh~

There you go. A very sweet lyrics too, eh? I can't believe a not-so-famous cartoon has a very cute and meaningful ending credit song! Some anime/cartoon series always use nonsense theme songs (mostly rock and they suck) but this one... ahh, I'm just loving it too much.

Oh, I've downloaded the original song too by Yumi Matsuzawa. Here it is :

Yumi Matsuzawa - Hajimete no Chuu

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And this one is sang by the forever handsome and charming and uber cute Takuya Kimura. It was taken from 1995's Summer Minna Atsumare Party. He made all the girls screaaammm... yeah, including me. LOL!

So, because of the song, officially today I'm in love with Takuya Kimura!

Eh, salah! I in love with the song.

Hajimete No Chuu...!


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