November 16, 2010

Mari Mengemas

Salam ukhuwwah fillah...

It's weird how I like to keep old stuff. Whenever I get the mood of mengemas (this shows that the mood comes VERY rarely, maybe once in months, or years, or decades), I could find things that even I couldn't remember I once owned. Like, right now I am in the middle of this good mengemas mood, it is when I find my Biology book - you know, that long science book of notes I wrote myself when I was in Form 4. Siap ada nama kelas lagi, 4 Qayyum. Hah!

After all these years, looking at your Biology notes gives this feeling. It's unbelievable that I was once a Science student. With all the diagrams and anatomies I drew, science terms like 'arterosklerosis', 'mitosis' and more sis... looking at those stuff, it made me smile. Tak percaya rupanya dulu pernah mampu menjadi seorang Science geek, tapi sekarang... sumpah dah tak ingat semua tu lagi dah. Haha!

Other than that, I found a cute notebook with flowers, hearts and coffee cups - the kind of book which girls LOVE to have as a biodata book - haihh... zaman sekolah sangat-la sweet ye. I remembered it was a birthday present from Lydia when I was Form 2. I still keep it and haven't even draw a scratch inside it. Sayang nak guna, sebab comel sangat.

Then, there are SOOO many pieces of junks I wrote like poems (poyo dari dulu lagi sebenarnya), doodles yang buruk sebab tak reti melukis and the rest of things which are all rubbish. So, ada yang dah tak berapa mengingatkan memori manis, I just throw them away. All the way to the plastik sampah. Yay! Dah berjaya kurangkan semak.

Entah-la, this isn't a good habit though, menyimpan barang sehingga semak is not a good thing. Ditambah pula jika anda seorang yang malas mengemas (seperti saya ini). But, like the famous saying, old habits die hard. Oh, yes. The large bouquet of dried roses I got during my convocation pun baru saja dibuang. Fuhh! After more than a year! Lepas dah puas tengok selama setahun, baru-lah dibuang. Tahniah.

I better get back to pack things up before I write more blabs.

Oh! Selamat Hari Raya Korban! Salam 'Iduladha...!

*I feel so good tonight. After being somewhat emo yang berpotensi untuk mencederakan diri sendiri, we finally put it to an end. It all got off my chest and I feel so free. We're good again. Alhamdulillah... =)


Anonymous said...

she said =
''we're still not good yet, unless u buy her a dinner. hehe it's like u girls last dinner before living seperately for like 1 semester kan ? hehe and 'she' said 'hi' ;) ''

maPieCeoFarT said...

ouhh! tell her i said hi back... hehehh...

erm... will colleseum steak be fine? hehe... okie dokie then... =)

reez said...

at times it's good to keep all these junk coz a year or five years later
when u see them
u'll reminisce the past....and ponder on what u have achieved
the things u chose and what they had taken you into kan zara

maPieCeoFarT said...

yep... so true, reez...

and even if i do throw some of them away, the memories still last forever... =)

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