November 3, 2010

Cuti Life Updates

Salam ukhuwwah fillah...

Due to some mis-komunikasi, I had to remove a post that is quite radical and emotional. Yes, I'm emo (read: not being emo is not being human). So, here, I don't mean to write another reply macam surat cinta yang panjang berjela yang mungkin disalah tafsir lagi. But the good part of it was, rupanya there are still some people yang do read my (full-of-crap) blog. Terasa diri masih diambil tahu (*smile). Honestly, nothing gives a better feeling for a loner (like me) to be cared for by other people. Serius, terharu!

Ok, dah melalut. Let's just talk about me instead.

I started my break slightly earlier than my other friends because of the fact that I've no final exams to sit for. So, yay! It's me-time again and I can do everything - watch TV, read books, eat a lot, play games, watch movies - as much as I want. Throughout the semester, it had been a tough one and I hardly have time for myself and do things I want. Memang chaos, I didn't get enough sleep, assignments berlori-lori, makan tak betul time, and some things went wrong. Macam-macam.

In the middle of keserabutan yang tak terkawal tu, I followed a class trip to Taman Negara, Pahang. We had a great time. It's a part of the assignment we were asked to complete, which is mengkaji peralatan yang digunakan oleh Orang Asli - kaum Bateq. It's an artifact-research subject. So, we met the cool Bateq tribe, memang kuno habis but they're very friendly. They speak bahasa Bateq and Malay, some speak English - sebab dah banyak jumpa tourist mat saleh. Memang cool. And to go from place to place, they use boats. And so did we. Memang gerun naik bot di tengah Sungai Pahang- the water was super deras, sangat adventure for white-water rafting. All I had in mind was, "Jangan-lah terjumpa buaya!"

Tak ada pun buaya. Ikan banyak la - ikan patin masak gulai tempoyak. Fui...!

After the visit to Kampung Bateq, we went swimming. Yep, mandi di Sungai Pahang. Masa tu memang dah lupa diri. Best ouh dapat mandi sungai!

Back from sungai, everybody was wet and worn out - berendam 4 jam dalam sungai sangat best dan meletihkan. Malamnya, there was acara karaoke-sampai-lebam-tak-ingat. Some of us rupanya ada bakat terpendam, but I didn't sing. Bad cough that time. Uhuk uhuk.

The next day, we went trekking in Hutan Simpan Taman Negara. I was among the last, dah lama tak memanjat, semput jugak-la kiranya. But I made it to the 300m canopy, Jambatan Gantung yang sumpah tinggi. Dalam bergasak memanjat, I made friends with some tourists. There were a sweet old couple from Holland - forgot their names, Natalie and Alex from Switzerland and Marco from Italy. Meeting Marco was the best part because I spoke to him in Italian and he replied me well - maknanya dia paham la. Cewah! Aplikasi pembelajaran bahasa ketiga di sekolah.

Later that day, we got back to Shah Alam. I got road sick. Dah lama tak naik bas. We stopped at Genting Sempah and I grabbed some McD and suddenly terus okey. LOL.

Second story, a few days before the trip, I got selected to be involved in the Astro Challenge Workshop. Out of those people who got far more fluent English, I got selected though I speak with my English yang tunggang langgang ini. Be it. I was there for two days. We were put in groups, mixed with those from Masscom and Business Study. We were brought on a tour all around the building and the workplace. Best jugak but the place is big, so penat juga berjalan. Hoho... (fatso! fatso!)

Oh yes! Nak juga include di sini, I met some celebrities during the time berada di Astro. When we were brought to the radio conty, there were Ferhad, Serena C., Khairil 'Krill' and a few more radio announcers. Then at the cafe, I saw Reza 'Kata Kau' (entah kenapa, tak paham why lah I adore him since Kelab Pop lagi... haihh!), then there were Adam C. (oh my! He's so cute! Sekarang dah terlambat nak rasa menyesal sebab tak cakap 'Hi!' waktu tu... LOL?), and a few pelakon TV. Pastu yang paling best, I saw Maher Zain! He saw me too (cewah!) and smiled. Haha! Mula-mula cuba kawal diri, I didn't wanna show my excitement sangat, but it was so obvious, akhirnya tak boleh kawal diri lagi and I screamed to him "I love your songs!". He smiled and laughed a lil. Adoi. Segan pulak bila ingat balik, but seriously, he is super cute. I mean, sebab wajah beliau putih dan suci lagi menyejukkan hati emak-emak mertua. LOL.

Okay. Back to Astro Challenge. I was in the Delta Group. My group sangat kecoh - and tak kurang juga yang tunjuk bagus but I really don't give a damn. We played games and had a mini mind-map presentation, we got the best group out of the rest for both activities. Hurrah!

For the second day, terpaksa lebih serius dan formal. No more games. We were meeting those big people of Astro Broadcast Department. We were to present our ideas on how to make Astro relevant to the youth. I was so nervous, but I did my part quite well though. But we weren't the best group for presentation - some other group got it. Takpe-lah, I wasn't putting high hopes anyway. Then, after the penyampaian and stuff, balik-lah ke rumah.

The good news is, yesterday I got an SMS from Cik Suzee from the Astro Challenge. In the message she wrote, "Congratulations! You are the Top Performers during the Astro Challenge Workshop! (*smiley) We are pleased to offer you Internship opportunities in Astro. You will receive the Internship letter soon. Please check your email for further details."

I was like... is this for real? I didn't take it so seriously pun during the workshop, but alhamdulillah... Rezeki dari Allah. Finally, there's something I can be happy about. I was thinking to throw a celebration party (exaggerate je nih) but I ended up celebrating it on my own. Hurm...

This break has a long a way to go. I plan to work, but I guess I'll be needing my good time to rest more. Plus, with the check-ups and doctor's appointment, I think I'll just chillax at home and pray for my result. I hope I'll get good grades. Need to pray hard for my pointer. Amin...

Have a break. Have a Kit-Kat. *tapi Kinder Bueno pun sedap. Hoho!

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