June 21, 2010

Not Forgetting You: The Cats and Abah

Salam ukhuwwah fillah...

Time moves so fast, sometimes I couldn't catch up with everything that changes around me. How life changes. And so am I.

I don't mean that I've changed into someone different. I'm still me, the same old me you knew for almost 20 years ago. So, whoever tells you that I'm no longer me, I'm gonna chop their heads off. Seriously.

That's not what I'm gonna write about. As usual, I just couldn't make myself speak direct/straight-forwardly about anything. I'm sad, a little. We (my family and I) had been talking about this for so many times. For somewhat seems like centuries, we love pets and keep them like the extra members of the family. I couldn't name out the cats (those dead cats and the ones we're still keeping) 'cause there are just TOO many of them.

For now, we have six cats - Bubulala the mother and the kittens, Bubu Doll, Bubu Tamtam, Bubu Chung, Bubu Nome and Bubu Lang. But the number is growing (to ten, probably) because Bubu is once again pregnant. For that reason, my mum said, that's it. We have to put them away. We love them, it's true, but it turns to troubles to look after them - and feed them, and bathe them, and clean their wastes. Not to mention hygiene (is that how it spells?) and health issue. Now we have little baby Adif with us, it is no longer a good thing to let them scatter around.

We tried to do the best we could. We still care for them. My mum was calling almost everyone she knows and asked if they want to adopt the kittens. Bubulala is the least wanted 'cause she's pregnant and will produce hundreds of kittens in times to come - she is a productive mother. After all the tries, my mum managed to get one of her friends who wanted to have three of the kittens. The rest she doesn't want, we'd have to put away as well. If only there's a place like SPCA around Taiping, we wouldn't have to do it.

As we expected, nobody wants Bubulala the mother cat. So, we decided to throw her away first. And so just now, me and Mama (with our strong hearts) drove her in the car to a market far away from home and left her there. It's the saddest thing to do, but we really had to. I asked my mum if we should take off the collar with bells tingling on Bubu's neck. My mum refused, she said she didn't want anything that would remind us of Bubu, not a single memory of Bubu. And so my mum put a fish and some Friskies for her to eat so she wouldn't be hungry until tomorrow and find her own food for the next meal. I cried silently. Tears rolling down my cheeks. I hugged Bubu so tight before letting go. The last time I cried so hard was when Coeng died and Abah past away.

We drove away but Mama stopped the car by the roadside a few seconds later. We sat there, dumbfounded but when Mama burst into tears, I hugged her. (how stupid, I was crying so terribly and at the same time I asked Mama to stop crying). It was so sad.

When she felt better, we drove home. We passed the spot where Mama left Bubulala once again, and there she stood glancing around in curiosity.

Bye bye Bubulala, I still have my thumb drive named after you. Gonna miss you... =(

Bubulala when she was little and first came to our home

I took the last pic of her before taking her into the car =(

Today is Father's Day...! I'm happy to read all the wishes my friends wrote on Fb. But I couldn't be happier if I can do the same thing and wish Abah. I still remember when I was 15, I need to complete and essay for an English homework. It was Father's Day and we were asked to write for our dear fathers. As I mentioned before, Abah wasn't so close to me back then and I didn't know how to do it. Finally, I chose to write a letter for the essay and was keeping it away from Abah so he would not read it. In the essay, i wrote those things I wished I'd have the guts to say to Abah. It was one touching letter and I still keep it in my Form 3 English Essay book until today. Whenever I read that essay again, I will surely cry to myself.

I still miss you, Bah. And I'm not going to forget you. This is one of (a few) pictures I have of Abah. We don't take much photos those days. And I regret it.

Miss you more than ever... Happy Father's Day, Bah...


John Loo said...

This post... so sad... :(

My dog da tua. Even though he still act like puppy, he might die in a few years time. I don't know what I'm gonna do then.

maPieCeoFarT said...

pets are the bestest friends, they understand us better than any human does... even if they die and no longer with us, they're always remembered...

hey, don't worry... a few years is still a long time... tell him i said hi... =)

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