April 11, 2011

My So-Called Love Poem

I sat there quietly
with my coloring book open
Took my pencil colors out
I got it all nice and sharpened
Everything was set on
so I started to color
without a word

My best friend came later
She sat next to me
We always do things together
We were close, the closest two girls could be
Her name was Liyana
I could still remember her face
Her eyes were bright and tiny
and she always sit with me most of the days

So, HE came into the class
wearing the same smile
though the day shine or rain
I whispered to Liyana
"Oh no, there he comes again!"
He smiled from ear to ear
I knew it long before that he liked me
But I ignored him most of the time
Coz' it felt weird every time he got near

His name was Azril
He sat near me again
I didn't expect what he was going to say to me
when he came close
and said "I love you" in my ear

Well, I ran away
and Liyana giggled
I was five that time
and I didn't know what love is
All that I remember
After the incident
we played together sometimes
but I stopped seeing him a year later

Now years and years have passed
The story is long left unspoken
But today, I feel the love again
But I'm not sure
if it's the same kind of feeling
that I felt 18 years ago

You, (yes you)
whom I wrote this so-called love poem for
whom I love to look at
when you smile so sweetly
whose giggle is the cutest
Those I can only see
when I made the silliest joke

I don't know how to start it
but I know what I feel
You might not know it
and you don't know how to know
Here, let me tell you...

This is our biggest secret
It's so simple to say
those magical three words...




Now, have I made myself clear?

Let's go for a movie...!



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