April 19, 2011

A Choice For A Change? Or Worse?

Salam ukhuwwah fillah...


Do you know what an e-cigarette is?

I believe you would go on Google to search for it. Here, I've made the Googling work easy for you. Complete with a video of how it actually works.

Yeah, that's how.

The e-cigarette or electronic cigarette is an option for a healthier way to smoke. It uses rechargeable batteries, is nicotine free, whatever chemical free and it comes with various flavors. I have heard of it before but didn't pay much attention to know more. However today while browsing through friends' pages and blogs, I found this site - telling and selling e-cigarettes called SmokerHaven.

I wonder, does this provide a better choice for smokers out there for a safer way of smoking? Or does it cause smoking to become a more popular trend and more teenagers will start to smoke for the sake of style? I don't smoke, so I cannot answer how does it feel or how cool it is to be a smoker. For me, it doesn't help the campaign "Katakan TAK NAK kepada rokok" in any way, AT ALL. And obviously, it costs more. Expensive kot benda alah ni. A starter kit costs $90. Murah?

It's going to be a new lifestyle too. Just imagine, instead of having a normal conversation such as :

"Der, kau pegi mana tadi?"

"Pegi kedai. Beli rokok." *sambil memetik lighter.

"Ohh...pegi tak ajak. Eh...hisap sorang nampak. Bak sepam dua."

"Takde hal. Nah."

... we can now hear a different conversation, well, of sharing cigarettes.

"Der...rokok aku da abis. Lupa beli. Pinjam rokok kau sebatang."

"Tak boleh, der. Rokok gua tengah caj tu. Kejap lagi ar."

"Ahh...kedekut. Blah ar, baik gua keluar beli baru ah, siap dengan flavor baru. Lu ade?"

"Ahaa...bagus gak. Belikan gua sekali bateri baru. Yang sekarang punya dah kong pulak. Gua hisap tak berasap."

Strange? Haha...

Well, you make the decision. IMO, this is not the solution. The choice is in your hand. If you wanna quit smoking, just do it. Do not hesitate. No need for a new technology invention to fulfill your need to smoke. It's just another excuse when NiQuitin lozenge doesn't work for you.

Or perhaps I'm wrong. Maybe it is safe and healthier to smoke an e-cigarette.

What do you think?

Let's share our views.


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