June 19, 2012

Reminiscing Puncak Perdana

Salam ukhuwwah fillah...

One question. Is it too early to look back into things while I'm still here in Puncak? It just feels like it. Or should I rather call it 'mengenang semula' memori di Puncak? Sama lah tu. Reminiscing. LOL!

Coming to the last days being the so-called pelajar sejati UiTM Puncak Perdana, it is sort of sad to know that my journey has almost come to an end. After this long six years I spent here, I will graduate, insya Allah in October. There were lots of laughs, cries, mind-fucked ASSignments; some of them that I love and really enjoyed doing, final exams; believe it or not, I still have ONE final exam this semester, so much of reminiscing the memories, presentations, submissions and many more stuff that will bring smiles thinking of them now, and in many years to come.

So, a few days back, since the day after VIVA (freedom!), I have been spending my time quietly by myself. Sounds emo, eh? Well, not really for me. It is truly the sweetest moments to be enjoyed. The time is now. The last sweet moments.

I don't know where I would stand in the coming years. But the sure thing is, I will look down to my certificates and smile from ear to ear remembering those times I had in Puncak. Therefore, today, when I woke up not-so-early in the morning (well, not really morning actually) - after staying up all night reading books that I have bought months ago (rajin beli, tapi bacanya tidak, sibuk dengan tesis orang kata), as usual I marked cross over June 18 on my agenda calendar on the wall, kiss Mama's pictures next to the calendar and jump out of bed. No classes, as there would be FFVPM9 in two days time. All classes are canceled due to the festival.

I grabbed some books meant to be returned to the library, and another few to be renewed, so I can keep it longer. Walking to the library, passing the college blocks, I remember those years when I was in diploma and staying in college. We would shout across blocks (as if SMSes couldn't be sent). The dining hall, pagar cinta, ATM machine. Ahh...so much memories.

And now, I'm in the library writing this. Next, I would go to kandang, makan nasi koboi - favorite menu for students yang tak berduit (read: like me) and walk to the faculty, just to look at the building. Tomorrow, I would take the bus and ride around town, just to spend some time alone, and maybe climb Bukit Tetek, walk to the tasik and reminisce more memories.


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