February 13, 2008

Mirror... mirror on the wall...


There is a mirror
It’s on my bathroom wall
Although I’ve met some other ones
It’s the friendliest of all

It doesn’t matter when I look
It can happen anytime
A beautiful reflection it will show
And then I’ll see it’s mine

So, how does it make me look so good
at any time of day?
And why can’t all the guys at school
see me in my mirror’s way?

If they could only see that girl
Who greets me with a smile
Then maybe I’d had a date or two
Hasn’t happened in a while

But do I want to date a guy
who’ll judge by what he sees?
Or do I want to date a guy
who will love and appreciate me?

He’ll love for my intelligence
My humor and my taste
He’ll love me for my selflessness
Which I haven’t put to waste

He’ll love me for the things I do
And how I get them done
He’ll love me with each breath I take
And each ray of the sun

So then when will he find me
and in my mirror see?
When will he come to fill the void
that aches inside of me?

Will he show up on my front door
when I’m about to give up hope?
Or will he come when I’m at peace within
with the strength inside to help me cope?

Because I’m not just what’s on the outside
I am me down to my core
And as I learn to love myself
There will be a guy who loves me more…

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