September 12, 2009


Salam... ukhuwwah fillah...

Do not question my love
It will never change since the day it started to grow
Do not let others know when I cry
Let it alone known by you, not just anyone
Do not tell nobody when I'm hurt
Coz I'll heal all by myself
I don't even need you, coz' you're the one
that caused me the wound...
I won't feel no pain
Though it hurts deep to my soul
I won't feel any sore
Though the sadness; you're the cause
I won't feel any pain
Coz' I don't dare to show one
That is because I love you too much
The wrongs are forgiven; no words needed to be said...
You always said to me how you longed for a wing
So you could fly away, far away into dreams
I didn't say much, coz I know you didn't realize
and I know how it will soon become
You'll let go of the wing you already had
Coz you'll see nothing valuable on me
and you'll let it go
Though I'm the wing you didn't see...
If my concerns bother your life
I back off with apology
I won't ask a word anymore, let you do what you want to do
Though it was still unclear if I did it wrongly
You fussed around telling out that you're feeling sad and so
Asking for hugs and love as if you never had it from me
While I'm sitting here, enjoying the view I'm seeing
Keeping my heart all shattered
The one that shattered so loud
But yet you still can't hear...

I didn't ask anything in return
I just love you unconditionally
After all I gave you
It's fine to me if you still can't see
I won't be hating you, for the same reason I stated before
I just love you too much, dear friend
Nothing in this world can separate us...
I'll be waiting...
Put us on the moon
Put us anywhere on earth even
Nothing could go wrong with us
Nothing could set us apart
We'll always stay together
** bila seseorang yang kita sayang sudah mula meragui kita, ia merupakah kehilangan yang paling celaka pernah kita rasai
- this sucks, really...

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