November 19, 2009

Flowery : Mimpi Semalam

I stood there
In the rain
Got those pair of Apple earphones
Stuck deep in
Bobbing my head to the ska
I got off with the beat
Throwing my heart ashore
As I closed my eyes
and whispered the pain away...

The rain was still falling
freezing cold
It drizzled all day
I shook of fear
of losing you
It got colder
As cold as my heart
when I think of you...

Why were you there
when I didn't need you anywhere
I thought hard of the times we had
All the moments we shared
Drinking my cup of tea
The sips dripped in my lung
and killed me deep inside...

I close my eyes
and all I see is you...

I chased you away
I had enough tears
Won't you come this time
and bring me some love?

Cause' when I close my eyes
I still see you...

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