February 13, 2010


Today we went through an unforgettable-amazing-freaky-creepy-fantastic experience at Sungai Sendat, somewhere in Hulu Selangor. We went for shooting of an untitled project, to be exact.

We were meeting, driving, talking, stopping, buying, continuing, laughing, discussing, rehearsing, arguing, hesitating, singing, yawning, arriving, setting, shooting, swimming (haha!), drowning (hahaha!), realizing, checking, packing, panicking, losing, trying, searching, worrying, burning, looking, calling, waiting, joking, chatting, picking, fanning, waving, welcoming (help), receiving, leaving, driving, eating, fueling, singing, talking, laughing, arriving and sleeping.

It never feels this good to be home again.


mohamad 'may' yawmon said...

happy holiday! =) i still kat puncak! kena shooting. dah lah sunyi dan sepi. rasa sedih dan pilu menyelubungi diri. =( Waa!!!

maPieCeoFarT said...

i'm not really 'home' yet, dear brotha...just got home in puncak je... zara pun join shooting gak, but can't make it for later shooting days... (dah sori kat boss! huhu...)

goodluck 2u and your team! MV korang mesti gempak... go... go... go...! and happy holiday 2u too...

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