May 20, 2010

What's The Prob?

Caunselor: So, what problems are you having?

Patient: I'm having a severe heartache.

Caunselor: May I have a look?

Patient : (unbuttoning his shirt) There? Can you see it?

Caunselor: Ugh...that looks pretty bad. How long have you been suffering from this pain?

Patient: Since a few years back.

Caunselor: Woww... you must be strong. If it was me, I'd have died long ago.

Patient: The point is, can you prescribe me something? So I can sleep at night and feel less pain.

Caunselor: Unfortunately, there's no cure for you. But only one way...

Patient: Oh, please tell me, what should I do?

Caunselor: Give me your love, and I'll give you mine.

. . . . .


John Loo said...

Pedobear strikes again!! LOL

maPieCeoFarT said...

are you referring this pedophiles term to anyone in particular?

is it yourself you're referring to...? =P

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