August 16, 2011

DiGi MyPhone Shorties

Episod cerita pendek Gerabak terhenti seketika untuk memberi laluan kepada iklan ini. Hee... =)

Salam ukhuwwah fillah...

For those who haven't heard of the competition before, here, lemme tell you.

DiGi in collaboration with UiTM, LimKokWing and KLMU is organizing a 30 seconds PSA competition with one theme - Terima Kasih Malaysia. It is opened for university students and also the people all over Malaysia. For more details, click HERE.

The most interesting part is, the videos must be shot using iPhone 4. So, everyone with that not-so-expensive phone (uh-oh) are welcomed to participate! And for the prize, we're not talking about RM100 or RM200 here, it's RM10,000 all right...!

Many of my friends are participating in this competition. So, please sign in to your YouTube account (or sign up NOW if you don't have one), watch these short PSA videos and click LIKE. Tell your mum, your dad, your friends, your neighbors and everyone you know to do the same thing. Hehe...

Here are some of the videos. I must say, they are really good. Each and every one of them has potential to win. *the titles are all links to the videos. So, just click on 'em to open it in a new tab. :)

#1 Terima Kasih Malaysia - Belacan

Directed by: Ande Umar Osman

#2 Terima Kasih Malaysia - Surat Cinta

Directed by: Rahhiemi Alias

#3 Terima Kasih Malaysia - Bas Kemajuan

Directed by: Al-Hafiz Burhanuddin

#4 Terima Kasih Malaysia - Warna

Directed by: Noorazlina Mohd Noor

#5 Terima Kasih Malaysia - Lesung Batu

Directed by: Muhammad Farhan Ramli

So, what are you waiting for? Please click the LIKE button a zillion times, okay...! Thank you!

And to all my participating friends, best of luck! =D

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