March 28, 2010

Of Being Loved and Lovable

Salam ukhuwwah fillah...

My production team and I were having a script reading session this evening. We've been having sessions such as this one we had today in order to be close to the talents we're working with; kids. We started it since Tuesday, and today was our fifth session.

Yes, it was quite a challenge to handle children ranging of age 10 and 11 when it comes to shooting a film. Everybody knows that. But, thank God, we got along so well, they're just too smart for a kid; except for the time they took to be comfortable with us and totally open up... but I think we're doing just fine. We practiced the script, had meals, laughed and danced: together. And I'm just plain happy to be with them.

I had a super hard week (actually, month) with works and all, not to mention my personal problems that is slowly killing me. But it all went away just like that, when we were about to send them back just now.

Lily held out her arms to hug me. I hugged her. When Shaz saw it, she said she wanted to hug me too. And so, I hugged her, for far too long. We were standing in the middle of kandang and people were looking at us. Yeah, she was still carrying her violin case on her back and hugged me tight. At first I was embarrassed, but after a while, she let go. I didn't really care though, because after so long, today I felt so loved. And that made me feel blessed.

I just knew what the previous sessions made us - closer. I feel so lovable. I do love kids, babies and cats. I think that makes me a loving person, but I just came to realize that I seldom being loved back.

But today, I did.

* Dear Shaz, Lily, Alysa and Ashvini. We love you girls very much... =)

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