December 23, 2010

Giving Me A Self-Reward

Salam ukhuwwah fillah...

I believe that giving yourself some kind of reward will boost up your spirit - your mood and everything. No need to spend on something expensive. Be it a new jeans, a nice ring, or maybe just a lil treat to McDonald's, a reward makes you feel good and accomplished. Sometimes, the littlest thing or the most regular shopping you do is more than enough.

Today, I had a great time with my sister and my brother in law. I love hanging out with my family more compared to friends (but I do love all my friends dearly). I feel safe and I know I won't do things I shouldn't - especially on the amount of money I spend and the stuff I buy.

This semester was a rough one. So many things happened - the happy ones and the sad ones. I was super busy, I almost died in tonnes of assignments, the result was not the best I could get but I feel grateful for I didn't fail any subjects. And then there were some personal matter and argument and... sigh.

So, I decided that I've been successful for getting through all these. Phew! And, I deserve some reward for myself. Today was the day.

Tonight, I get to spend some time with my sister *thanks to Abang Amin for taking us there*. I've been whining weeks ago to go to the cinema and watch a movie. And tonight was the night. Yay! Finally...

Back to the post title, I was talking about self reward. Yeah...this is a reward for myself, for working so hard the whole semester, for coming back and fro - Shah Alam, Taiping, Kajang, Shah Alam, Taiping, Kajang, whichever one comes first - and for doing well during the interview at Astro Awani. I think they like me. Weehoo!

So, here are the things that I self-rewarded myself.

~ Chicken ham and cheese takoyaki balls (love it! love it!)

~ Chicken rice claypot

~ A new pair of Vincci pump shoes (Vincci okayyy... with discount. LOL!)

~ A whole bag of pink marshmallows (dunno what's the flavor, it's plain. Maybe bubblegum)

~ Caramel popcorn! (I always get the lite n' sweet popcorn at GSC, but it's TGV. They don't have it)

~ A movie Kak Limah (it's Abang Amin's treat - adding up the joy... wink wink!)

~ And a feel-good blog post... =)

The movie really made my day. I was thinking to write a review on it, but I hadn't write one for so long, I'd probably write more shit out of it. Just a quick one, it was a good movie. Highly recommended. So, go and watch it for yourself!

Oh, it's late. I better get some sleep.

Buona notte.


Anonymous said...

FUH! banyak nya reward! nak jugak! HAHA

maPieCeoFarT said...

marshmallow ada lah lagi ni... nak? haha...

Maisarah said...

i agree with the concept of self-rewarding :)

maPieCeoFarT said...

kan? no gifts are better than those gifts you give yourself...

thanks for your comment! =)

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