June 12, 2011

Kami Kaki Blogging...!

Salam ukhuwwah fillah...

Agak dah lama jugak tak join contest di blog ni. And the last time ada benda tag menge-tag di blog ni, it was erm... maybe, two years ago? Itu pun suka-suka je, bukan contest yang serius.

Oh yes, I've been blogging for more than 4 years (kot). Hehe... thanks to Maisarah for tagging me in this 'Kami Kaki Blogging!' contest.....!!! *exclamation marks indicate the level of excitement. :D :D

And, so.... here it is...!

First of all...


Here are the four very simple steps :

1) Write a blog post about this contest on your blog

2) Leave a link of your blog post in the comment box of this contest organizer, Farez

3) FOLLOW Farez's blog and LIKE his fan page on Facebook
(this is to help you getting the latest info about the contest)

4) Tag three (3) of your blogger friends and MAKE SURE that he/she knows about it

Dah masuk contest mesti nak dapat hadiah kan?

Wanna know what awaits you?


mystery prize

(might be in cash or topup)

End of contest :

2 July 2011

And my 3 dear friends I would love to tag is....

Rizuan Dan Apple
Firdaus Harry
Reez Tulis

Happy blogging...!

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