March 15, 2012

Closer to You

Say I am You
That is not the title of this poem
It is Rumi's, the great thinker, the great sufi
Of which I'll never be
This is just me
Pouring out my heart
Devoting all my life and soul
To You
Only You

Every breath that I breathe
I only have You
Each step that I take
I only think of You
Every second that I live
It brings me closer to you
Every hardship that comes upon me
I know it is the sign of Your love
Your everlasting love
Towards me
The poor me
The lost me

I don't know this feeling
I don't know what it is called
This is the first time ever
I have not come this far
I rarely feel this way
but I finally hear the call
The call from You
That I should never ignore

The more effort it takes
The more passion it blows into me
I'm living on Your love
I depend on Your kindness
Help me through this, Lord
Because I always believe
If God is all you have
You can have it all...

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