December 3, 2009


Hujan turun lagi
Satu hari tak berhenti
Lagu di mp3 tak diam bernyanyi
Rentak ska berdansa lagi
Menarikan emosi
My heart is so fragile
but then
kamu tak tahu
After every people
the only person i think about
is you...


"I close my eyes
and all I see is you...

Aku tak tipu
Cause' when times are hard
I always think of you

Tapi entah kenapalah
We got so far away
each and every single day...

Susahnya nak terucap
You know
Words are hard to say
When you really want to

Bukan banyak...
Satu empat tiga...
Itu saja...

tak boleh
walau aku pejam mata
aku masih dapat lihat



irza said...

you really love him don't you? the way you post it, i can feel it my self. the show must go on sister.

p/s: sorry, i have a very *fucking* bad english. hope you don't mind

salam blogos. :)

maPieCeoFarT said...

hye irza... salam... i was just killing my time writing out rubbish... but, hell yeah, it did mean something...

Thanx for stopping by... =)

a lover like me said...

i suke perkataan 'fragile' tuu.. hehe :)

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