April 26, 2009

IRON & WINE : Flightless Bird, American Mouth

Salam... ukhuwwah fillah...

I was a quick wet boy
Diving too deep for coins

All of your straight blind eyes
Wide on my plastic toys

And when the cops closed the fair

I cut my long baby hair

Stole me a dog-eared map

And called for you everywhere

Have I found you?

Flightless bird, jealous, weeping

Or lost you?
American mouth
Big *pill* looming

Now I’m a fat house cat

Cursing my sore blunt tongue
Watching the warm poison rats

Curl through the wide/white fence cracks

Kissing on magazine photos

Those fishing lures thrown in the cold and clean

Blood of Christ mountain stream

Have I found you?

Flightless bird, brown hair bleeding

Or lost you?
American mouth
Big *pill*, stuck going down...

I just fell in love with the melody of this song. This is the OST from the movie Twilight, performed by Iron & Wine... I thought it was a name of an English band, but it was a solo folk-rock project by 35-year-old Samuel Beam (a little bit similar situation when I discovered about Secondhand Serenade, my fave too). Interesting facts about Beam are he is from film school (he has film background) and he writes all his songs. He is now a professor of film and cinematography in Miami International University of Art and Design (the coolest lect he must be, eh? huhu...) More info about Iron & Wine, please click here... And link for the song preview (you may download too), please click here... For the piano instrumental version of the song, you may click here...

The song is too beautiful. My heart melted when I first heard it. Until now, I've been playing it on repeat for the hundredth time...but I'm not really clear with the lyrics... Anybody can interpret it clearer for me...? I would love to understand the song better...

+ Love this song too much... +

Deeply fallen in love with this song... and someone...

so in the mood for love... =)


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