January 14, 2010

Chicken Rice War : Today's Viewing

Salam... ukhuwwah fillah...

For our very first Single Camera Production (SCP) class of the semester today, we got to watch a Singaporean movie, made in year 2000, directed by Chee Kong Cheah. I might not elaborate in detail about the story, you can just click here to read more.

I'm always a picky person when it comes to choosing the movie I want to watch. But this one, it completed me from all aspects - comedy, romance, social awareness, language and family love. Not to mention I love the cast so much, Pierre Png who played Fenson Wong in the movie. I started Google-ing to read more about the movie (and Pierre, of course) when I just noticed, he was the same guy acted in Phua Chu Kang as Chu Beng...! Haha... how funny, I was concentrating way too hard on the movie, and hell yeah, he's cute alright (though he ages 36 this year).

方展发 (Pierre Png Chan Huat)

I love Chinese movies. I always want to learn to speak and write in Mandarin, but I already have Italian for my third language. Any foreign language is fine, no?

And so, there it is. Pleasure of looking.


+ Err... is it the right term I'm using? +



Anonymous said...

omg, he is so damn hot! huhu
no wonder la u start speak mandarin! hahah

maPieCeoFarT said...

ahuhuu... tula pasal, nak tuka amik mandarin dah x boleh dah... hihi...

nanti nak blaja sendiri dgn my chinese bf... huhh?? =)

John L said...

A career wasted on Phua Chu Kang, haha!

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