January 16, 2010

T.O.O. C.L.O.S.E.

I was sitting there
under that very same tree
that we've been under
all the years

You came near me
You were standing
too close to me
How we felt for each other
that moment

I kissed you
you kissed me back
You were too pretty
Poor thing
I couldn't resist you
The warmth of your body
heated me all night
We were deeply
holding onto each other
I hugged you real tight...

Now you're gone
I no longer have any company
throughout my lonely nights
I still look at the milk bowl of yours
whenever I feel lonely
and the remaining Friskies in the box
I couldn't help myself sobbing
over your death
almost two years ago...

If only you know how much I miss you...

I won't get me another pet cat
Cause you're always the one
But, my dearie kitty
Somehow, I betrayed you
Cause there's Bubu now
replacing you...


John L said...

Haha! I so thought u were talking bout ur boyfren tadi :P

And Mordeth13 was so right! To prevent your daughters from having boyfrens, get them a pet like a cat. Haha!

But I'm so sorry... I have a dog and he's getting old... I'm worried of the day he'll pass... So yeah, I kinda know how u feel...

maPieCeoFarT said...

a boyfriend? kissing under a tree? eww... haha!

yeah... we love 'em too much, dont we? once they're gone, even if we get another one, it wont be the same...

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