January 17, 2010

Life's Never A Bore

Salam ukhuwwah fillah...

I just found my new interest. Instead of watching movies all night (which I planned to do earlier), I managed to find a new interest. I was so busy downloading videos and I found some great works of art.

One of them is this...

I've heard about sand animation before, but I didn't really pay any attention because it was just a topic chosen by a friend for a class presentation. Well, I just knew that I love sand art so much now. The animator's hands moved too quick and created images I could never have expected. It filled me deep with emotion, a fulfilling one, with the soft instrumental accompanying the process, it was simply too deep of an art, no words to describe. I also see it with strong surrealism influence, which I like even more.

Is there any sand art classes held anywhere in Malaysia? I would love to learn it for myself...!

And here's just another one, not a sand art though, but quite entertaining. I found it sweet and creative, and too hilarious!

Why don't we come out with ideas such as these? I wish there would be Malaysians to produce such great piece of art that stands out.

1Malaysia kan? Sure we can.




John L said...

Hmm.. bukan da tgk kat Facebook ke? XD

Hey, camne nak jawab ur poll? I wanna jawab all of the above for what u shud write

maPieCeoFarT said...

saje nak tulis lagi, and this time it's longer... plus, ramai crowd di blog yg xde fb...

ouh... knape, xleh eh? i'll check again... thanx for telling... =)

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