April 12, 2010

Cinema Bizarre VS Tokio Hotel

The video is just so cute, right? Haha...

All I know, Cinema Bizarre aren't sissies, though they look like sissies. I like how their make up work and their music is all I wanna hear all day.

Tokio Hotel is cool in their own way too. Well, I just can't compare them, they're different from each other though they both come from Germany. Cinema Bizarre is more to glam rock, new wave and synthpop whereas Tokio Hotel plays pop rock and teen pop. So, different music genres differ them and that's that.

Songs I recommend:

Cinema Bizarre

- Lovesongs (They Kill Me)
- My Obsession
- Escape to The Stars

Tokio Hotel

- Attention
- Heilig
- Ready, Set, Go!

I just love them and their songs, both bands are cool.

What? You don't know them?

You're so not cool!


John Loo said...

Gerrard Way pakai make up but he don't look sissy. He looks EMO!! Tokio Hotel? Wait till you this pic. I'll send it to you on Facebook.

Even if you force me to listen to Tokio Hotel, I'll cut my ears off. Muahahahaha!

maPieCeoFarT said...

I know, and I don't give a damn even if they look sissy or not...i just like the music and them playing it... that's all..

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