April 12, 2010

What's Wrong with The F-Word?

It's just a word, alright...

Well, almost every people curse whenever they feel like saying it.

So, what? Is it something so wrong?

I curse. You curse. He curses and she curses too.

I'm sick of people telling me,

"Kau dah lain, dowh... dulu kau tak camni...".

I am ME, like, the real me I'm being all along these years of my life.

I'm tired of people telling me not to do this and that.

Whoa... am I really a good-girl-gone-bad type?

No, I'm not saying that I'm bad, nor claiming that I'm good.

I'm just a person.

You got problem with that?

Is being bad makes you a bad person your whole life?

Oh, good people don't curse. I see.

Fuck. That's the biggest lie.

Perhaps they might say,

"Jahat gila budak tu. Mesti mak bapak tak ajar. Tak pun ikut kawan-2."

Well... I'm being a good girl today.

No F-word.


Oh, no! I just did.

** And yes, I'm happy with the fact that my English sucks (average, satisfactory, band 3 - uh, I know I screwed my MUET) because my mom had never spoke to me in English at home. We speak Malay.

And I learn Italian.


Anonymous said...

setiap orang berubah mengikut pengalaman & perubahan masa. pedulikan apa orang kata. sebab you tau apa yang u buat. :)


maPieCeoFarT said...

yep... why should i care, aite?

TQ yang... you're the best... and it's only you who understand me best... oh, no... i miss you so much... huhu...

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