April 23, 2010

K.N.O.C.K. K.N.O.C.K.

So I was sitting alone
in the middle of nowhere
when I heard someone
at the door

'Knock... knock...'
it sounded
I tried to ignore it
but I stood up anyways
and made my way

I turned the knob slowly
and there you were
standing in front of me
Your face

I faked a smile
Tried my best to look happy
You stood there
giving me a frozen look

"Where have you been?"
"I wasn't anywhere. Been here all along."
"You're not telling me the truth."

We looked at each other
silence filled the moment
"I miss you."
"Well, I don't."

You didn't wait a moment longer
Before I could mutter another word
You pulled me in your arms




I still couldn't mutter a word
'til today...


. . .

. .


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