April 29, 2010

New Music Interest

I'm a person with variety of interests.

My interests or things I like often change from time to time.

So, I guess everybody has to be aware of my interest changes.

Please be updated with the next mood swing, I might like another thing instead of this one... haha...

I easily like the things that I found interesting.

But my soul feeder, is always music.

For instance, just now I got to know a good song from my friend's page.

I went Google-ing for a real quick download and tadaa! Here they are now on my playlist as well.

Check the new songs out, they are Light A Way by He is We (I saw it on your FB page, Aina!) and Hey Soul Sister by Train (yes, this one is from your page, sista!).

This is He is We. I think all their songs are awesome.

Well, I just love good music.

Everything that is nice and suits my mood at the time has always become my quick interest.

I don't pick any specific music genres, I listen to all kinds.

I enjoy the classics, hip hop, jazz, hardcore, ballads, punk rock, emo (yea...i like songs with screamo lead too), pop, nasyids and what else?

I'm so universal, remember?

And I still love Tokio Hotel.


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