April 27, 2010


The number never counts
As it keeps growing year by year
Even your age is turning older
but your soul never does

I'm wishing you the happiest birthday
May God's love always surrounds you
Do not feel down
Smile through the obstacles
For I know you are always strong

I pray for your happiness
For you are my dearie bestie
I don't have any gifts which is expensive
Because my prayers for you
is the only thing I can give...

Though we're far apart
I hope this can at least make you smile
and remember me

Because to forget you
I will never do...

Happy Birthday again, Safwan Husaini...!

You're now 19...!!


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Wawan Saini said...

thanks zara.
mish u..:

maPieCeoFarT said...

untuk kamu... =)

Anonymous said...

mudanya lagi...
happu bday!

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