April 28, 2010

Still In The Blues... of Examination...


I'm not really studying.
I just finished working with receipts, numbers and figures.
I've been doing a huge calculation on my shooting expenditure.
I think I've had enough.
I don't wanna be a producer anymore.
I should be studying by now.
I'm having an exam in 10 hours time.
I still haven't started any reading.
I have my thick law book closed on my bed.

I was about to start reading through it.
I hesitate, again.
I drop in here and write out blabs.

Now that I have wasted enough time,
I really gotta start with the first note.
I need a good luck charm to bring along into the hall tomorrow.

Anybody got one?

*Just in case you miss it, I am now looking at my blog visitors counter turning 191919... a nice number it is... =)


John Loo said...

Good luck :) 191919, wow, haha.

maPieCeoFarT said...

thanks for the wish...

ya it's over 191919... and again, thanks... =D

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